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to be returned to where he 1st came from and fishermen here they will rebuild this boat and they will have to see again. the philippine foreign ministry says it's filed a diplomatic protest against china but filipino fishermen say they've been reporting harris meant at sea for years and that's not enough they say what they want is the philippine government to act with dignity and defend the country's sovereignty. children in the iraqi city of bastrop suffering from cancer are not getting the treatment they need because of a crisis in medical services iraq's vast oil wealth once funded one of the best health care systems in the middle east but that's no more because of decades of conflict and war and charles trafford reports now on this particular crisis. the country's highest cancer rate is. good day i was diagnosed with leukemia
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11 months ago. she is 4 years old. her father brings her to this government cancer hospital in basra for chemotherapy treatment but the drugs needed to keep her along it are often in short supply and. we don't know whether she will get better i'm very afraid because i see many children who come to this hospital dying of cancer the number of chemotherapy sessions varies each month but sometimes we have to delay coming because there is no bed available . around 70 children are being treated for cancer in buses children's hospital. experts say pollution from surrounding oilfields is one of the reasons why basra has the highest rate of cancer in iraq iraq used to have some of the best hospitals and medical expertise in the middle east but decades of war conflict and political instability means those days are long gone the situation at this cancer hospital is
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so bad that doctors here say they have to rely on cash donations to buy up to 75 percent of the chemotherapy medicine they need every month. patients a health services are particularly bad in southern iraq basra is the largest oil producing region in the country but there's little sign of petro dollars spending at hospitals like this one. people in basra have along the complained of neglect of what they say is corruption and financial mismanagement by the federal government in baghdad protests to set fire to the provincial council building during demonstrations last year at least 30 people were killed during the un rest against the lack of services doctors say they often provide the basic needs. we're facing a crisis in so many levels become provide chemotherapy fast enough it's not always
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available it's expensive and getting it involves a lot of bureaucratic red tape we also need more trained medical staff at the regional government says federal government leaders in baghdad and must do more they 7 with there hasn't been enough financial support from the federal government for many years this year we were allocated 2.8 percent of the federal budget and that's nowhere near enough and we need a better share of the revenues or things won't improve. in the hospital is a mural called the tree of life showing photos of children who were treated here and survived the government in baghdad which in recent years has struggled to cope with the battle against eisel has promised to do more to help. doctors say that if it doesn't then many more cancer victims like fatima will die. al-jazeera. we've got support coming up on the news hour as india's cricket is get ready for a world cup game against their fiercest sporting rivals. airborne
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vehicles harvesting every pick you take every click. click to get everything to all their waves. but it's time to watch the what can we blame it on the deep sleep was the 1st civilian to strike. and we are creators. critical engineers just. as governments fail to cut emissions scientists are proposing drastic measures to save the planet. people in power ways technological endeavors to counteract humanity's pollutants against the risks of further meddling with the environment to ever feel like this is playing
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god it's actually quite unsettling and quite frankly makes me quite anxious. klein attack was on al-jazeera. san francisco has become the latest city in the us to ban stores from refusing cash retailers say that exclusively digital payments are good for business but others say cut only is just discriminatory keppel exultant explains. this coffee shop in new jersey might have a distinctly retro vibe. but when owner travis clifton grew tired of the daily grind of dealing with cash he decided it was one blast from the past that needed
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a modern solution going cashless the big reasons well. you don't have to count the cash you don't have to reconcile the cash i don't have to put pressure on library system a show that the tills match up which means they can focus on given the customer the best service he became one of a growing number of store owners across the u.s. recall fusing to accept cash customers instead paying by cards or through their cell phones but the move to digitize payments ended up being a short lived is a morning express so this year new jersey state legislature banned stores from refusing cash and over the state line new york city's council is also considering banning cashless stores following the footsteps of philadelphia and san francisco. but critics say digital only payments discriminate against the poor listen to this statistic the us government says there are 8000000 families in the us they don't
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even have a bank account or a credit card and another 20 $4000000.00 families that are under banked which means they might have a checking or savings account but rely on cash to survive. people like barbara vasquez who has a learning disability and closed her bank account after getting hit with high fees she experienced 1st hand the humiliation of being refused service when trying to buy a $4.00 ice cream with cash. it was. absolutely modifying. especially since there was i on me and then there was a line behind me one of the groups pushing to stop no cash stores is the retail action project its director rachel of forest says that without action the move to ditch dollar bills could spread to half of all stores in the u.s.
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in the next 10 years the key word there is access that yes this is all part of the expansion of the digital age but there's a huge population of people who don't have access to digitizing their lives in that way the battle over cashless stores is not over until then your dollars are still good just not everywhere. gabriel is on doe al-jazeera new york. some big games happening and coming up in the cricket world cup far is that the details that's right becky kamala's strelley have moved to the top of the standings at the cricket world cup the defending champions sri lanka by 87 runs to secure their 4th win in 5 games aaron french hit a career best 153 as australia scored 330. for 7 at london's oval ground it was the highest ever score by an australian captain in world cup history mitchell starc event took 4 wickets as sri lanka were bowled out for
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$247.00. on sunday one of the fierceness of rivalries in sward will resume when india played pakistan in manchester our correspondent lee wellings is at old trafford ahead of the game but said to be watched by more than a 1000000000 people worldwide. there is no bigger game in cricket and there are a few big of a cations in sport then india of a pakistan and the teams are about to meet here in manchester in the cricket world cup now of course there's a lot of tension between the countries and that maybe flared up again last week the television in pakistan satirizing the indian pilot was captured back in february he was later released as a gesture of pace security is going to be tight here there's going to be a lot of police is a much that so many people wanted to say $25000.00 capacity but hundreds of millions who watch on television and online because i was
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a hard for 1000000 apply for tickets to the fans point of view is very different and they should enjoy the atmosphere they should enjoy the occasion the way they want to win the way it's been enjoyed for years but the players obviously have to maintain the mindset that we have been doing for years approaching any kind of game whether it's in their pakistan and australia and england not south africa or whoever it is. remains the same which is to go there be professional about cricket pakistan of the only taint of the hosting going to list told them and so far but after 2 defeats and a washout i can't really afford a defeat in this much by word of course underdogs when i buy a mostly bait india win the champions trophy form in england so years ago i'm telling applies in the dressing room you could be a hero tomorrow your careers are going to be defined by a moment in the game you do something incredible tomorrow you'll you'll be remembered for ever and kind of mantras how do you want to be remembered in this world cup for all 10 teams play each other over india and pakistan always me in my
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just moments now because cricket bosses ensure that happened such as the importance of this going to them the one thing cricket bosses can control is the british weather and after all the washouts we've had so far they'll be desperate for the writing to style why they welling's al-jazeera manchester. believing parings goals u.s. open are getting ready to tee off their 3rd rounds 2013 champion just a rose is on 7 under par after you carded a one under par round of 70 on friday out in front as american gary woodland tees on 9 under par and in a with a chance of winning his 1st major title. you know i've been in this position before i was in the you know last year in august that belle reve and you know didn't come out where i wanted to but i learned a lot from that i learned a lot i don't have to be perfect with my ball striking because i have other things that can pick me up and that's that's been a huge confidence boost for me knowing i don't have to play perfect and i can still
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contend and still have a good chance when time defending champion brooks capita is just one of the big names in the chasing pack behind what lined the world number one will resume on 4 and a par after a round of $69.00 on friday. and i got a chance that's all you can ask for just need to you know. make a few pots you know sometimes i hold the seams open up and. if i can get off to a good start small in time i had that feeling where the where the holes opening up it to be it could be a fun round and the netherlands have advanced into the 2nd round of the women's world cup they'd be cameroon $31.00 to get there the other game in that group kicks off in just a few minutes time defending champions usa will face chile in their 2nd group game on sunday team usa are already making headlines in france after thrashing thailand 13 l. in their opening group match but the team also drew criticism for their excessive
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celebration. goals are hard pretty hard to come by in our sport you know in terms of that and i think the you know the again i think the meaning behind those goals the people behind those goals. i mean you know you've got to you've got to celebrate that i mean this is you know this is part of sport it's celebrating the high moments because the other part that people sometimes forget is there's a lot of low moments to. brazil have made a winning start at the copa america they beat bolivia 3 know in their opening game barcelona 4th pretty disappointing domestic season behind him to score twice we're still are aiming to win south america's biggest international title for the 1st time since 2007 everton completed the scoring and south out. new n.b.a. champions in toronto raptors are set to arrive home later on saturday delivering the championship trophy to canada for the 1st time in history the raptors beat
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defending champions the golden state warriors in front of a record breaking t.v. audience in a dramatic game 6 in oakland california on thursday a victory parade will be held in toronto on monday. and that's all you sport for now more coming up later now back to earth thank you so much and there is a new star thanks for joining us mary i'm in london and have got more news on al-jazeera in just a moment. with the big stories generate thousands of headlines with different angles from
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different perspectives giuliano sun just a long standoff with international borders is finally separate the spin from the facts the misinformation from the journalism protesters complain about the underreported of police violence the sensationalizing of the demonstrations with the listening post on al-jazeera. culture a dance thrives here every day generations of tibetans continue to embrace and made to their cultural heritage it's a reminder of who they are and whether. this is a suburb of the idiot capital new delhi tibet so be refugees here since 964 buttons here have been defined as migrants are not refugees because india hasn't signed up to the 1951 un convention on refugees so tibetans here have been able to access the indian welfare system so they become self-sufficient starting a better business says and looking for work independently but for some it's not
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enough. this is a dialogue reading about if we want to get on international media and on t.v. in this conversation with skepticism because there's a lot of it on my everyone has a voice we'll be taken advantage of just because we are small community with. the let's work just join the global conversation on ours is iraq all they want to do is start of the same kind of debate that we have here in st. activists in hong kong vow to press on with mass protests on sunday despite the government suspending its controversial extradition bill.
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oh i maryam namazie in london you're with al-jazeera also coming up on the program iran's president says his country will continue to scale back its compliance with the nuclear deal as tensions escalate over a tanker attacks in the gulf we look at the plight of nigeria's for loni people as the battle for land and water turns more deadly and the community that's fighting back as gentrification drives thousands out of mexico city. welcome to the program our top story hong kong's embattled leader has suspended a highly controversial bill to allow extraditions to mainland china after a week of sometimes violent protests carry a lamb said she had heard called government to pause and think but activists want the plan withdrawn for good and say they will still go ahead with another protest planned for sunday bride reports now from hong kong. after insisting for weeks that
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she wouldn't and couldn't back down hong kong's leader kerry lamb came out to say she was doing just that i now announce that the government has decided to suspend a legislative amendment exercice the government's attempt to push the legislation through hong kong's parliament the legislative council has led to the biggest street protests this city has seen in decades and violence between a minority of protesters and police who on wednesday used tear gas and rubber coated bullets to disperse a largely peaceful occupation of the streets the 80 also injuries very minor tearing generating minor injuries that we have seen. may be replaced by very serious injuries to my police colleagues and to ordinary citizens whether they are very few years protesters are just ordinary students joining the protests i don't
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want any of that injuries to happen critics argue the change in the law could be used to extradite opponents of beijing to the mainland where they could face summary trial in china's courts why oh there you know. 7 was that lamb insists the change in the law is needed her opponents are angry that the initiative is only suspended and not withdrawn altogether. say you know you go on carry lamb so she will stop stabbing and i say that she's refused to take out the knife and we know if she pushes the knife further she will pierce the heart of the hong kong people. they accuse lamb of being the puppets of the central government in beijing but china insists that hong kong matters are a purely chinese internal affair and not for outsiders to interfere in and lam has its full support. pro-democracy groups have called for her to quit especially
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because she has sided with the police whom they accuse of using excessive force to disperse crowds they have called for even more people to protest on sunday. than will be hoping the suspension of the controversial bill will reduce the level of anger and numbers of protesters we will adopt the most sincere and humble attitude will just sap criticisms and make improvements so that we can continue to connect with the people of hong kong but many here believe kerry lam is only backing down now because she's afraid of more violence and they say if a 1000000 people in the streets can't change her mind they have little faith in the consultation process she is now promising rob mcbride al jazeera hong kong. well. previous protests have taken place in hong kong and why many say these are
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a different. in 1997 when hong kong was handed over from british control to china agreements were made certain liberties were to stay until 2047 like freedom of speech and an independent judiciary. but under president xi jinping beijing has rapidly exerted more mainland power over hong kong a move to change the electoral system in 2014 brought thousands of students onto the streets and what became known as the umbrella movement they occupied central hong kong for 11 weeks in leicestershire was one of the leaders and several of his fellow leaders are serving prison sentences right if you go to visit them and he's now an assistant to a pro-democracy member of the legislative council with widespread public opposition to the government's push for a new law allowing extradition to mainland china he says the current protests are very different to what happened 5 years ago when we had the umbrella movement and
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it's. some random circumstances but in this time hong kong people are prepared to come out and protest people more prepared and determined than ever and nice sankoh born on the street something here in hong kong universe that you won't see anywhere on mainland china a memorial of the massacre in tiananmen square in fact the largest gathering of people in hong kong before these recent protests took place just after that massacre 30 years ago this month kind of did point out that there historically hong kong is known as a city of protesters but many say this latest round has a specific goal blocking the extradition bill in this case and even though the opposition to the extradition that was about much more than just the bill that. is the clear target in many ways so i think what's happening now is a little more focused. many here say the umbrella movement failed its drive to push
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back against greater control by beijing with protesters preparing for sunday's new march against extradition are determined this time things will be different it's got harder al-jazeera. now saudi arabia is demanding more security for shipping routes through the gulf after explosions on 2 oil tankers the vessels were attacked in the gulf of oman on thursday 23 crew members from one of the ships arrived in dubai on saturday the u.s. is pointing the finger at teheran but iran is denying involvement it some in the british ambassador after person said it blame to iran for the tanker attacks china and the e.u. say no one should jump to conclusions well iran's president is saying his country will continue to pull back from its nuclear deal commitments unless other countries
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protect it from american sanctions has done rouhani was speaking at a summit in tajikistan from burnet smith reports. iran's president has used a conference in tajikistan of leaders and diplomats from more than 30 countries to reinforce an ultimatum he made in may that's when his son rouhani said tehran will start enriching uranium at a higher level unless world powers to protect its economy from u.s. sanctions within 60 days that would be a breach of iran's commitments to the nuclear deal known as the j.c. p.o. way agreed with those powers. it's obvious that iran cannot unilaterally remain committed to the joint comprehensive plan of action and it's necessary that other countries contribution to the survival of this important agreement with our good will and strategic tolerance on one hand and the united states lawlessness on the other hand it's been proven to everyone republic of iran while announcing its
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readiness for any interaction has decided to reduce its obligations under paragraph $26.36 of the plan of action to restore balance the 2050 nuclear agreement restricts iran's ability to enrich uranium in return for relief from the u.s. led sanctions it was signed by the u.s. and the u.k. germany france china russia and the e.u. but the trump administration unilaterally withdrew from the deal last year a decision russian president vladimir putin said in tajikistan he didn't agree with but games should be used in the we believe that the only sensible decision is for all deal participants to on a commitments as a russia is ready to do and for katter's emir to men been hammered all funny there was a chance for his 1st meeting with the iranian president with an ongoing 2 year blockade by egypt bahrain the u.a.e. and saudi arabia catarrh is increasingly reliant on access to iranian airspace and
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trade routes while iran is looking for regional support there's been no mention here of the attacks on the 2 tanker. in the gulf on the thursday the u.s. blames iran for that iran says it's played no role both countries accuse each other of destabilizing the middle east and now there's just 2 weeks to go before iran's ultimatum for sanctions relief expires burnitz with al-jazeera. well joining me now is senior political analyst ron bashara how much pressure did these recent tanker attacks in the gulf put on china russia the e.u. to take a stronger position on u.s. policies in the gulf because of course further instability will have consequences beyond the region absolutely i would even say that even if if. france or russia or china thought iran was behind the tanker attacks that they would really take
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a position because they just think that 1st of all washington has lied before about this sort of deal with from vietnam to iraq. and and that the top administration having walked away from the nuclear deal is basically strategically responsible for the on going to school asian regardless of who created that act so my guess is that a lot of a good number of countries in the world london aside that probably has been under pressure from washington just decided not to take a quick was dition about the responsibility behind the tankers this is that caution in their response. but the iranians have made it clear that in the current circumstances and just with the presidency of donald trump himself the whole thing is just not conducive to any kind of talks on a gosh ations the path to diplomacy is obviously extremely difficult but is it is it still possible. look under the circumstances and hearing what. hominy has told
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the japanese prime minister shinzo be about i have nothing to till president trump not now but later clearly the any notion of trust between washington and iran has disappeared with the advent of the throne of mr ition and the walk away from the iran nuclear and the imposition of sanctions on iran the way they did clearly there are 3rd parties. exchanging some sort of notes between to ron and washington there's no doubt about that but in terms of settling the problem between washington the way the obama administration to get on the force 4 years of his administration sanctions and so on so forth and then really extensive negotiations and so on so forth i'd certainly don't see that happening but it all depends still on what position will china and russia take beyond the sort of symbol.


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